Did the Angels Come to Kiss You

by bunny boy

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Scott Schaeffer
Scott Schaeffer thumbnail
Scott Schaeffer this is a magical and terrifying record that there is an entire world inside of. it stimulates the same part of the imagination that forms nightmares, which are often the most beautiful dreams. it is my favorite dream to revisit, as the images become more vivid with every listen. Favorite track: Patches of Blue.
woozles thumbnail
woozles this album is literally a masterpiece. this is one of the most honest, varied, and complete artistic statements i've ever heard and i can't wait to give this album the repeated listens it deserves. Favorite track: Pond Eyes.
Patrick MacBrayne
Patrick MacBrayne thumbnail
Patrick MacBrayne Saw Bunny Boy open for Notches at Sue's a little while back, been obsessed with these tunes ever since! Like a warm blanket on a snowy evening!! Favorite track: Feel Better Mary.
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This is a 22 song album. It's long and needs to be digested. Be careful.


released March 1, 2019

Tracks 1,2,3,8,9,10,11(s1) and 1, 4,7,8,9,10,11(s2) recorded by Davey at the Warren.
Tracks 4(s1) and 2, 3 (s2) recorded by Chaimes Parker at Big Nice Studio
Tracks 5, 6, 7(s1) and 5,6(s2) recorded by Alex Bourne.
Mary and the Land of the Kalicos mixed by Chaimes and Davey
Drums on The Butterfly Prince recorded at Big Nice Studio and mixed by Chaimes.

Artwork by my hero Robyn Violet

Davey Michelle (on whole album)- guitars, fretless bass, keyboards, vocals, creepy noises

Band on tracks 5,6,7(s1) and 5,6(s2):
Evan Benoit-bass
Ryan Rock Egan- drums
Rob Dewhirst-keyboard
Steve Manning-guitar
Vocals on “Mary and the Land of the Kalicos” performed by Jenny Hurley
Guided meditation on Feerie Water performed by Hayli Throckmorton

Mastered by Bradford Krieger


all rights reserved



bunny boy Methuen, Massachusetts

angels and butterflies

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Track Name: Mary and the Land of the Kalicos: The Drearsils
will there be pain when I die or will I feel better
a cold embrace, with the bisques begrimed embrace

drearsils did grow in the land of the Kalicos
So long ago, but now they are but gackle inside a pond
Track Name: Your Blue Sky
I do believe that misery
does come and it does go
and life on earth costs more than what it's worth
the skeletons and ghosts
still work the mills to pay their debts

but i want to sleep on a cloud and never let you go
in your blue sky is where i want to shine
where some bunny loves me
and I want to sail through the stars and endless pitch black nights
until I find my place in your blue sky
where some bunny loves me

and all the pain is tad poles in our veins
and when they turn to frogs
they hop around our bodies while we drown
and turn to mossy logs
or you could be a bird and fly

cause i want to sleep on a cloud and never let you go
in your blue sky is where i want to shine
where some bunny loves me
and I want to sail through the stars and endless pitch black nights
Until I find my place in your blue skies
and I'll shine
Track Name: Beautiful Smile
Did the angels come to kiss you
leaving freckles on your face
and your smile could have murdered the sun
and stood right in it’s place

did the birds all come to dress you
did they join you in a song
a melody to bring the flowers to bud
did the workers sing along

the gods of summer are in reverence
they know your spell o’er the sun

You have the most beautiful smile
fills me up with murders/flutters of butterflies
you have the most beautiful smile
that a child lives inside

and all the bunnies were drowning
and the sky was drowning too
in my tummy all the creatures that lived in it
were gasping for air

till everything inside me
started crawling out my corpse
they were searching for a new place to live
and you opened up your door

the plights of winter are drowning
in your song

you have the most beautiful smile
fills me up with flutters of butterflies
you have the most beautiful smile
that a child lives inside and if she were to die

the clouds would role over and start drooling on the fields
and all the workers pray for shelter from the storm

you have the most beautiful smile
that a child lives inside, may she dance inside your eyes
Track Name: Children of the Drearsils
(nursery rhyme: if on an unassuming night a knock comes at the door
and you are griped with dreadful fright then I pray, enquire no more,
but if you feel you must enquire let it bring no surprise,

if two pale children, manners dire, appear with all black eyes,
and they will ask to be let in, and don’t for goodness sake,
for if you did unlucky friends, would be a grave mistake)

Rose mists of a crimson shade
To shroud in a woeful haze
o’er hills dressed with twisted oaks
on heels of skeletal crows
with leaves of the drearsil tree
took form on cobblestone leaves
children of a gauntly cast
garments of an ancient past

dead crows rise from hollows beneath the tree
where dead things rot but they can’t fall asleep so they sing

a stench of unworldly air
and silence strangles the ears
save a knock at the door
and winters chill rising from the floor
open to the childlike figures
that bring unfathomable terrors
their skin grey as cloudy skies
black oceans inside their eyes

dead crows rise
from hollows beneath the tree
where dead things rot but they can’t fall asleep so they sing
Track Name: Pond Eyes
From the scorched crags of doleful terrors
rose elevators from the deep
and dolorous rogues
the children that rode the heels of ghastly crows
while a winged corpse floated down stream
with the gold tresses of summer
and the rosy lips of spring
and ponds in her eyes

some say she’s spawned of angels
come down to kiss the children’s cheeks
Her wings were torn
blood stained, an abode to maggots and worms
her eyes closed softly as if in a dream

some spoke of Peggy Powler and the naiads in the streams
but her wingspan was wide

the monoliths will crumble and the harpies will grow weak
when the ponds in her eyes, come alive
Track Name: The Snowy Woods
She fell asleep in the snowy woods,
a bowered path in tangles of vines
putrefaction yet to blame the corpse,
and angel in a winter wonderland

tears froze on her brothers face

he followed the jackal through the woods
until he came upon the shack where the winged witch dwelt
eyes of the moons glow, gardens in the snow

with the milk of erymanthian boar
toe of frog, and a farmers cow
claw of dragon, horn of unicorn,
tooth of wolf, bulb of marigold

dig a trench and say the spell
Mingle Milk down stream for the ghosts, to feed on
and slaughter the cow, filling up the trench,
when the corpse did rise, with dread inside its eyes
it coouldn’t breath, couldn’t scream
Track Name: A Gackle of Goats
Track Name: The Tree
Little angel fell from the sky,
before it died, left it’s wings,
disappeared from sight

chrysanthemums cover my bed,
bloody feathers beneath my bed,
curled up like a child

all through the night
i lay awake
grieving the angel they slayed
in a while the sun will rise
and i’ll still feel empty inside

there was a seed inside a frog
after it died it opened up into slimy flowers

i lay on a hill
beneath the tree
were doll heads have replaced the leaves
buried deep the crypts hide
and i still feel empty inside
Track Name: Feerie Water
There's a pond in the woods where the angels bathe
and on a feerie boat you can travel to other worlds
where the drearsils once grew, where the dolls play, and the amphibians reine

When the darkness surrounds you imagine that you are resting in the immortal arms of the angels
when you are filled with such dread remember there will come a time when the sun shines completely
Before the darkness sings you to sleep, before there are worms in your eyes and a bed of dirt clear the pain and unhappiness.

Let it leave.

Begin to breath as if you're going to sleep,
A deep long breath in, and a deep long breath out
and with each breath a soft pink light
fuzzy as a blanket
this light is the love of the angels
remember this love with each painful feeling that passes through
hold my hand for i am always with you
rainbows stretch above you
Remember, today is a good day

today is a good day

today is a good day
Track Name: The Things That I Grow
In the cromlechs I dwell,
in the forest of Knells,
where the dryads doth dream

where the drearsils once grew,
and the hippogriffs flew,
where the goblins run free

by the bog beans inside a log
dwells the fairy winged frog
that bathes in the peat

Sherivolla’s corpse lays,
‘neath soil and clay,
on my garden, she feeds,

and the things that I grow,
are of flesh and of bone,
they are tiny and meak

I keep them in small jars,
so they don’t get too far,
so they never may leave
Track Name: The Butterfly prince: A Tale of Unrequited Love
I believed in fairy tales, and swans that wear gold crowns
we kissed inside the locker room, and when the sun went down

My body ached for all of him, I dreamt a butterfly,
had carried me into his room, he kissed me like he never wished to hide

One night I spit a mat of silk, anon my skin did shed,
I woke inside a chrysalis that surrounded my bed

My body ached till all of it was lifted on the wind,
the flowers now smell sweeter but my precious boy no longer wants a prince

the wind has dressed the sunny sky with ominous clouds of grey,
and with my wings of colors bright i long to fly away

I always ache for all of him, he doesn’t care to know
I pray someday I’ll find someone to fly with me among the flowers low
Track Name: The Sisters grey
The sisters grey, both draped in palls, they tend the trees, they wake the dolls,
if you should ask them to come play, cursed you will be for all your days

there is a place deep in a pond, where faeries sing their ancient songs,
if you should make a ring out of grass, you’ll here them sing, if you should pass

the bunny tree, fluffy and white, of cottontail flowers, a dwelling for sprites,
if some should end up in your hair, a child you’ll be for a hundred years

The sisters grey both draped in palls, they feed the crows, they wake the dolls
if they should find you’re not asleep, your little doll-face will hang from their tree
Track Name: The Berkevitz Circus Clown
lyrics too disturbing
Track Name: Angel Wings
In pieces on my bedroom floor, and curdled spirits in my tooth (the roots)
a swarm of bees engulfed in grey haunt the middle of my room
and darkness be my trusted steed, to go riding on the wind
to meadows of chrysanthemums, and to lay beneath the soil

and bury me with angel wings, keep me safe and sound

I want to sleep upon a cloudy sky, crepuscular rays leak out my veins
puking cryptids into mason jars, frogs leap underneath my bed
and under rocks, with ants and worms, dwelt a sleepy little ghost,
welcomed me into their arms, choked me but it didn’t hurt

and bury me with angel wings, keep me safe and sound

I will be embalmed and stuffed like all the dolls kept in my room
i will be embalmed and wilt like all the flowers on my dresser
Track Name: Feel Better Mary
“you are so beautiful today
you could light up the sky
it’s been a while since your eyes danced and fluttered
since the robin tapped at your window sill
are your streams still of sullen sighs
are your lakes still of toil
is their a spirit that could open your smile
help you breath some fresh air for a while

feel better mary
if there was something i could say to make it go away

there will be months of cold decay
there will be summers of pain
but come a day where there are rivers of silence
and not a terror in your head
be there angel wings in your bed
are they keeping you sane
is there a drought although your eyes are not drying
and burrowed cryptids that you cannot contain

feel better mary
if there was something i could say to make it go away

cause there’s a ramble in your head
is it coming, or is it going
feel better mary
it might not stay
but it wont go away"
Track Name: Yr Doll
i wanna be your doll
and sit with you forever
cause i wanna be your doll
Track Name: Moonlight Static
Track Name: Patches of Blue
All seemed so clear to her,
on pink clouds of mountain tops,
sober for a couple months,
but can’t find a job

and inside a barn, a man
had hung himself with a karate belt,
dangling in the dusty air,
just a sliver of light

gardens of peace, gardens of peace,
let the sun inside,
silently the butterflies flutter by,
and flower faeries never hide
gardens of peace, gardens of peace,
now tis time to rest,
angels will share their wings with you, child
now you can close your eyes

when there is a cloud of gray, come to drag your soul away
go into the quiet glade to hear the faeries sing,
in you there is a star, shine it bright and shine it far,
til patches of blue appear, inside your sky

gardens of peace, gardens of peace, let the sun inside,
rivers and lakes as still as a grave, reflect the bunnies as the fly,
gardens of peace, gardens of peace, rainbows in your chest,
the clouds they will drizzle, and then they will dry,
and open up your blue sky.

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