Bunny Boy // Miniature Philosopher

by bunny boy

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released May 19, 2015

Angeleah Andrews did the amazing cover art!

Bunny Boy side was mastered at NADA recording



all rights reserved


bunny boy Methuen, Massachusetts

angels and butterflies

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Track Name: Dead Eyes
Crawled out her coffin
without a care
inside the garden
let fall her hair

under the old oak tree
kisses the honey bees
captures the dark and rides
dead eyes

Vast in the wastelands
a tangle of stars
she dances in moonlight
by the rusty cars

Spills of a dragons rot
tremors beneath the yard
of decaying butterflies
dead eyes
Track Name: Sunflower Eye
When I found you puking flowers on the sidewalk by the alley
I took the soil out of my pocket and made a pillow for your head

Now you've got a sunflower eye
and cry tears of nectar that attract butterflies
I wish I could keep the bumblebees from you
if only my soul was sweet honey

I'd open it up and I'd let them in
and set them ablaze until I'm just a head
and can you roll me?
Please just roll me down that hill
Track Name: The Pony Ride
When I get depressed I look in my pocket to see if I have a quarter or two
then I go to the market and I ride the kiddie rides
I like the ponies and sometimes the dolphins
I like the trains but I'm too big for them now
Then I get a diet coke and sandwich from the store and that will do it for me

uh huh

When I get depressed I eat some candy then I get a hostess sno ball from the fridge
then I watch all of the shows that were on when I was a kid
and I have a picture of a snowy mountain
Collectible toy cars and some model boats
stuffed ponies and pillows and pony figurines
to ride into the edge of my dreams
uh huh
I'm gonna ride that Pony. Gonna ride that Pony home.
Track Name: Miniature Philosopher - Aging Wife's Poem
Unprofitable servant
You're hardly a man
i'm already a soldier
Shaved head and tattooed hands

I can't help but fake it
I don't want to be alone
The dating game's a mess these days
Besides, I'm much too old

We're both sixty-four now
But sometimes I have dreams
Of moonlight nights and fireflies
And blankets on the beach
Track Name: Miniature Philosopher - Wake Me Up
I gave myself a dream last night
With melatonin and St. Ides
Where everything was exactly as it seemed
The witches in the woods were dead
The pastors came, the demons left
There were no ghosts in our house anymore

I've been waiting for a while
To see the drunk in the mirror smile
Today he's grinning like a lunatic
So I went down to my piano
And wrote a new national anthem,
And it sounded a little bit like this:

Wake wake wake me up
I wanna be scorched by the sun
I wasn't built for life outside the crypt
Shut shut shut me in
The pretty things must die and end
At least I got to see them for a bit
Does that worsen or detract from the sting?

In that dream I wrote a song
But when I woke up it was all gone
Because I had to work a shift at four
Came home but couldn't find the chords
I wish I'd just been late to work
Because for once I'd found the perfect words

Wake wake wake me up
I wanna be scorched by the sun
I wasn't built for life outside the crypt
Shut shut shut me in
I have fucked everything up again
At least I got to see them for a bit
Does that worsen or detract from the sting?

Soon enough every city skyline looks exactly the same
Soon enough every single thing outside turns gray
Track Name: Miniature Philosopher - Birdy
there is a bird outside my window
geese flying south over the roof
they're stuffed with buckshot
I guess i forgot
what its like here without you

I wanna go out for a smoke now
these faces all look like cartoons
I've seen it before
I won't watch anymore
close the shades on the revue

bodies broke like puzzle pieces
all spread out across the room
im searching through me
but i can't seem to see
the right parts in me for you