by bunny boy

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released September 2, 2016

Anastasia Cass did the artwork. She is the greatest.

Davey michelle recorded the music at the Warren



all rights reserved


bunny boy Methuen, Massachusetts

angels and butterflies

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Track Name: The Orb
I saw the light in the morning
I saw the light on my bed
Dancing like a ballerina
it barked like a tiny dog

Swam through the air like a fishy
Past all the faeries of dust
Into my galaxy picture
It settled among the stars

I saw the light in the morning
But I swear it wasn't the sun
Dancing like a ballerina
I wonder where it came from
Track Name: Newt of Knells
Triturus treachorous tottering telekenetic Newt of Knells had bellowed in a log
Shivering Shelly and Susan sat sullen whilste sailing through the fog

They drifted through wastelands of creatures obscure and grotesque and inhuman and they never returned...they never returned

Lily of Leominster laid in lavandula holding lichen and a goblet of lye
The pittering patter of Peter puttered in his plethoras of plights

His mind is a wasteland of pain yet endured and a whistling shadow that follows him follows him still

Galloping gallants the glittering talons of griffins gliding in the glistening twilight
The devious dryads of Duangle dangled in the droopy drawers of night

The night had been swallowed, along with a note, by a bottle, The note dread: "I still dream of you, drear"
Track Name: Little Ben (Donovan)
(Donovan Song)
Rain on a window, kettle on a stove
Where is little Ben? In the Rowan grove.

Tide on the turning, Davey on the sea
Where is little Ben? He's with me.

My name is Gwindle, in scarlet livery
I'm the Rowan fairy who dwells in these trees
Little Ben is with me.
Track Name: Shelly
Little butterfly
landed on the book that she used to read
and brought her sweet dreams

Her bright sunny smile
Lights up my mind and it stays for a while
Til I start to cry

Sometimes I hear the sound of the brook
echo her laugh and I think she's back
"Shelly stay"

Her soft, tiny hands
once made of flesh now of spectral cobwebs
brush through my hair

Sometimes at night I lay awake
Hearing her voice. "Dad can we play?"
Shelly says

I know she's crossed over now
The butterflies bring her soul

Sometimes I wake and go to the place
where she'd swing and she'd run beneath the sun
Shelly plays. Shelly plays.